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Optical Cables by Corning at CES 2013

Optical Cables by Corning unleash the brilliance of light to connect computers and peripherals  at speeds up to 5 Gb/s through USB or up to 10 Gb/s through Thunderbolt™ technology. Utilizing cutting-edge optical fiber technology, they can maintain that speed over much longer distances than traditional copper cable. Optical Cables by Corning are thin, light, and remarkably tough. They can be bent, squeezed, and tangled.

When compared with traditional copper connections, the choice is clear — Optical Cables by Corning are longer, tougher, thinner, and lighter. The future of device connectivity flows through Optical Cables by Corning.

Media Coverage from CES

Subject Matter Experts

 ep daily: Discussing the Benefits of Corning Optical Cables
 Engadget: Corning Announces Optical Cables for Thunderbolt, Coming This Quarter
 Gizmag: Corning Introduces Laser Fiber Optic USB Cable
 Gizmodo: These Optical USB and Thunderbolt Cables Are Up to 330 Feet Long
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 AppleInsider Staff: Corning's Thunderbolt and USB 'Optical Cables' Transmit Data Over Hundreds of Feet

 Gabriela Allen
 Michael A. Bell
 Dr. Bernhard Deutsch
 Clark S. Kinlin
 Percil Watkins
 Craig Wurzel


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 Corning to Introduce Optical Cables for Today’s Data-Rich Consumer Electronic Applications
 Corning to Showcase Latest Glass Technologies for Consumer Electronics at CES 2013

 USB3.Optical Cable by Corning image
 Thunderbolt™ Optical Cable by Corning image
 Optical Cables by Corning video


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