Advancing the Vision 2

The Advancing the Vision 2 symposium held on Stanford University’s campus in October, 2012 was a one-day event designed to continue the conversation sparked by Corning Incorporated’s A Day Made of Glass videos.


Some of the industry’s top thinkers and innovators were invited to present and discuss new ideas and applications that could bring us closer to a truly connected world.


Below we’ve compiled some of the highlights from this year’s group of presenters.


Achieving a Connected World: Corning senior vice president and operations chief of staff Jeff Evenson discusses technological advancements made since last year’s Advancing the Vision symposium and begins the dialogue for this year’s event.
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Ubiquitous MobilitySession 1: Ubiquitous Mobility – What Does the Future Hold

Protecting Identity in Social Media:
Stanford professor Monica S. Lam discusses what proprietary messaging platforms mean to your privacy and proposes ways to keep open messaging in social media.
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Smartphones as Personal Assistants: Peter Marx of Qualcomm and Scott Snyder of Mobiquity discuss how smartphones are enhancing everything from the consumer experience to healthcare.
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Connectivity Enhancing Productivity in the Workplace: Peter Marx of Qualcomm and Scott Snyder of Mobiquity discuss how mobile devices and augmented reality could improve work flow.
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Accelerating LearningSession 2: Accelerating Learning with with Interaction and Collaboration – How Connectivity is Driving Education

Accelerating Learning with Technology:
Dr. Lori Breslow of MIT and Andrew Ng of Stanford discuss how innovative online classes can help students learn faster and retain more.
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Using TechnologySession 3: Using Technology to Improve Health Care and Other Services Delivery

Improving Health Care with Technology: Dr. Stephen Parodi of Kaiser Permanente explains
how color-change instruments and easily cleanable glass surfaces could help keep germs isolated and patients safe in hospitals.
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Medicine and Manufacturing Go Mobile: Dan Mahowald of SAP says tablets along with cutting edge computer applications could soon allow doctors to access and interact with full medical records and manufacturers to monitor fluid levels and performance of machines on the shop floor.
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From Video Games to Virtual Shops: Dan Mahowald of SAP discusses how tablets could soon let young people explore virtual stores like the 3-D environments in video games.
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CommunicatingSession 4: Communicating in a Connected World and Designing
Interactions that Matter

The Monetization of Data:
Dr. George Papen of the University of California at San Diego discusses the requirements of processing billions of data requests from smartphones, PCs, and tablets around the world.
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Managing Creative Minds: Brett Lovelady, Chief Instigator, Astro Studios jumps into the head of designers and describes the working culture needed to create innovative products.
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