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Corning® Lambda™ Plus Single-Channel, 8-Channel and 12-Channel Pipettors

Lambda Plus Pipettors have been engineered to provide the highest levels of accuracy, reproducibility, and comfort. Available in single-, eight- and twelve-channel configurations, all Lambda Plus Pipettors feature smooth plunger movement and extremely low pipetting forces. Volume can be set by turning either the thumb wheel or the plunger button, and a locking mechanism prevents accidental change.

The Lambda Plus Pipettors have been designed to maintain their calibration, even after repeated use and autoclaving. A key is included with each pipettor for easy in-house calibration.

  • Factory calibrated to strict ISO 8655 standards
  • 3-year warranty
  • Fully autoclavable and UV resistant
  • Designed for universal fit with all common brands of pipet tips
  • Adjustable tip ejector

Lambda Plus Single-Channel Pipettor           Lambda Plus 8-Channel Pipettor            Lambda Plus 12-Channel Pipettor
Click Here to learn more about Corning Lambda Plus Single-Channel Pipettors in our Product Catalog     Click Here to learn more about Corning Lambda Plus 8-Channel Pipettors in our Product Catalog      Click Here to learn more about Corning Lambda Plus 12-Channel Pipettors in our Product Catalog    











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