Label-free Technology - Now Available in a Benchtop Instrument


PerkinElmer EnSpire® Multimode
Plate Reader with Corning Label-free Technology

With their collective expertise, Corning and PerkinElmer have developed the first multimode plate reader to offer both labeled and optical label-free detection technology on a single platform. With Corning® Epic® Technology integrated into both the Corning® Epic® System and the PerkinElmer EnSpire® Multimode Plate Reader, now more labs can add label-free technology to their assay capabilities. With unparalleled sensitivity, Corning label-free technology provides richer information and delivers more physiologically relevant data for a wide array of applications, from target identification to high throughput screening.

The EnSpire® Multimode Plate Reader from PerkinElmer® is a high performance, compact and configurable instrument designed with filter or quad-monochromator capabilities. EnSpire reads optical biosensor label-free, fluorescence intensity, absorbance, ultra-sensitive luminescence and patented Alpha technologies in microplates up to 384-wells. EnSpire has been designed for laboratories with diverse user needs, and includes an intuitive and 'easy-to-use' touch screen to reduce assay start-up times, and simplify protocols across a wide array of applications.


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