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Corning® HYPERFlask® M Cell Culture Vessel

Introducing the new High Yielding Performance Flask Manual (HYPERFlask M) cell culture vessel. The HYPERFlask M vessel is specifically designed for manual use. Originally, the HYPERFlask cell culture vessel was developed for automation. Due to its popularity for use on the bench top, Corning has redesigned the HYPERFlask M vessel with new features.

Features and Benefits:

•  NEW Ergonomic Cap – smooth texture on liner requires less torque* to seal cap to vessel
•  NEW Adaptor Grid – new design allows for faster filling and emptying while reducing foam generation
•  NEW Serial Number – each individual flask is traceable by a serial number that can be read by the unaided eye or by a handheld bar code reader
•  Made with USP Class VI Materials – molded and assembled in a Certified Class 100,000 clean room
•  Sterile – gamma irradiated to sterility assurance level (SAL) 10-6
•  Clean Room Packaging – each pack is double bagged
•  Innovative 10 Layer Design – 10 interconnected polystyrene growth surfaces
•  Optimal Growth – Corning CellBIND® Surface treated gas permeable polystyrene for superior cell attachment and growth
•  Increase Cell Yield – 10-fold higher cell yield increases productivity and capacity
•  Time and Space Savings – Reduce processing time and incubator storage space by handling one flask compared to 10 traditional 175 cm2 flasks

*Torque is defined as the rotational force applied during application or removal of a closure to a vessel. 

HYPERFlask M Cap           HYPERFlask M Adapter Grid            HYPERFlask M Serial Number
New ergonomic cap requires less torque* to seal the cap.  
Newly designed adapter grid allows for fluid and air to travel separate flow paths. This allows for faster filling and emptying while reducing foam generation.  
Each individual HYPERFlask M vessel is labeled with a serial number that contains the lot number information.  



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