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Cell Culture Surfaces

New! Discovery Labware

Corning has acquired the majority of BD’s Discovery Labware business. For information on the new cell culture surfaces, biological coatings and extracellular matrices that Corning now offers click here.

This Chart will help you find the best polystyrene-based surface  to meet your cell culture needs.  Click on the desired surface for additional technical information.

Corning Surface

Binding Interaction

Effects on Cell Attachment

Untreated polystyrene   Hydrophobic Reduces most cell attachment but not as much as Ultra-Low Attachment Surface
Ultra-Low Attachment    Hydrophilic and nonionic Hydrogel layer prevents cell attachment forcing cells to stay in suspension
Standard tissue culture treated   Hydrophilic and ionic (negatively charged) Allows most cells to attach and spread on polystyrene
Corning® CellBIND® Hydrophilic and ionic (negatively charged) Improves attachment and spreading of some cells to polystyrene compared to standard tissue culture treatments
Poly-D-lysine   Hydrophilic and ionic (positively charged) Coating improves cell attachment and binding of some cell types to polystyrene
Corning Osteo Assay 

Crystalline calcium phosphate

Specialized surface for bone cell growth, differentiation and functional analysis
Corning Synthemax® Active peptide acrylate Specialized synthetic surface for stem cell proliferation and differentiation
Transwell® Permeable Supports   Tissue Culture Treated Allows polarized cells to feed basolaterally and thereby carry out metabolic activities in a more natural fashion


For information on modified polystyrene surfaces on microplates for the binding or covalent immobilization of proteins, nucleic acids, and other types of biomolecules for use in assays see Assay Surfaces.

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