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VYCOR® Glassware

VYCOR chemical composition

Composition  Approximate %  
 SiO2  96.4%
 B2O3  3.0%
 Al2O3  0.5%
 Misc. Traces  0.1%

VYCOR® glass has several exceptional properties. Since it is 96% silica, it is similar to fused quartz in its thermal properties. It may be used at much higher temperatures than PYREX Code No. 7740 borosilicate glass and will withstand considerably more thermal shock. VYCOR® products can be used continuously at 900°C and intermittently to 1200°C. Containing only five elements, it is used for very precise analytical work.

VYCOR® glass is formed as a borosilicate type glass. It is then subjected to a chemical treatment that removes most of the elements in the glass except silica (SiO2). Glass is then reheated to eliminate the microscopic holes caused by the chemical treatment. Only quartz has higher silica content. 

VYCOR Crucible VYCOR Beaker VYCOR Evaporating Dish
VYCOR® Crucibles are for analytical work where ashing samples is required. Lids are useful for covering platinum or opaque crucibles.
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  VYCOR® Beakers are for applications needing high thermal and chemical resistance and stability with acids or mild alkali.
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  VYCOR® Evaporating Dishes are useful for ashing materials, particularly in electric furnaces.
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