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Corning® PYREXPLUS® Glassware

  PYREXPLUS Coated Graduated Cylinder   PYREXPLUS Coated Separatory Funnel
  Figure 1. PYREXPLUS® coating makes it easier to grip Separatory Funnels and Graduated Cylinders. 

Corning® PYREXPLUS® glassware brings you the best of both worlds – the extraordinary chemical inertness of genuine PYREX® borosilicate glass on the inside plus the additional protection of a tough plastic coating on the outside.

The thick PYREXPLUS® polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coating delivers longer product life for more safety:

  • Doubles the resistance to impact fracture of coated glassware compared to uncoated
  • Helps prevent surface checks and scratches extending product life
  • Reduces the chance of breakage if PYREXPLUS® glassware is banged or dropped AND it helps contain spills if breakage does occur
  • Less slippery and easier to grip than glass
     PYREXPLUS Coated Media Storage Bottle PYREXPLUS Coated Solution Bottle
     Figure 2. PYREXPLUS® Media Storage and Solution Bottles can be sterilized by autoclaving. 


  • PYREXPLUS glassware can be successfully sterilized by autoclaving using a liquid or dry cycle which involves no vacuum or low vacuum (5 inches Hg.)
  • PYREXPLUS glassware is completely microwave safe.  
  • The recommended temperature use range for PYREXPLUS glassware is 10°C to 80°C.
  • PYREXPLUS glassware should not be exposed to temperatures below -20°C or above 110°C.
  •   PYREXPLUS Coated Aspirator Bottle   PYREXPLUS Coated Filtering Flask
      Figure 3. PYREXPLUS Aspirator Bottles and Filtering Flasks provide an extra layerof safety from injuries from glass fragments during implosions. 
    PYREXPLUS Aspirator Bottles and Filter Flasks provide an extra layer of safety from injuries from glass fragments during implosions. However, in keeping with safe laboratory practice, always use a safety shield around evacuated containers.
  • The PYREXPLUS coating is designed to resist leakage resulting from a brief chemical exposure that might occur if the vessel is broken. Prolonged and/or repeated chemical exposure of the coating to esters, aldehydes, ketones, chlorinated or aromatic solvents and concentrated acids should be avoided.  

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