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Corning® Glassware Selection Guide

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  Figure 1. Corning has been making its PYREX® low expansion borosilicate glass since 1915 and has become the quality standard in chemistry laboratories because of its clarity, strength and heat and chemical resistance.  

This guide will help introduce you to Corning's full line of laboratory glassware designed for chemistry and life science laboratories products.

Corning offers more than just PYREX® Glassware:

  • Choose PYREX® Glassware  when you need high quality, low expansion, temperature resistant glass for chemistry and life science applications (Figure 1).
  • Choose PYREXPLUS® Coated Glassware  for products with a tough plastic coating on the outside and PYREX glass on the inside for increased safety and decreased breakage.
  • Choose PYREX® VISTA™ Glassware  for more economical products manufactured to Corning/PYREX standards.
  • Choose VYCOR® Glassware  when your applications require an extra high temperature-resistant (900ºC) glass for high thermal and chemical resistance.
  • Choose Corning® Disposable Glassware  for the convenience of high quality disposable culture tubes and microscope slides, coverslips and sterile pipets.

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