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Equipment Compatibility Guide: Corning Plate Compatibility Program

Quality and Compatibility, Only from Corning

Compatibility between consumables and laboratory equipment is essential in today’s environment. With the dramatic growth of automation, you need products that help you improve productivity and efficiency. Corning has responded by introducing the industry’s first complete line of automation-friendly assay and storage microplates. Corning plates offer compatibility with a wide range of lab instrumentation, including plate readers, plate washers, liquid handling instruments, automation accessories, and robotic systems.

To make it easy to identify the Corning microplates that perform well with your instruments, we’ve assembled this Equipment Reference Guide with the help of manufacturers from throughout the industry. We hope you find it to be a time-saving reference.

Plate Compatibility Program

To develop this guide, we invited leading manufacturers to test our plates on their instruments using extensive criteria for fit and function. For example, a plate reader manufacturer would have tested a Corning plate for proper fit in the plate carrier, suitable optical performance (meeting the manufacturer’s minimum criteria for background, crosstalk, and all other relevant optical properties), and compatibility with all of the instrument’s accessories, including plate stackers and bar code readers.

If the plate met all criteria, the manufacturer then signed a form certifying that the plate was tested for fit and function and found compatible with their instrument and all relevant accessories.

All manufacturers who have certified compatibility between their equipment and Corning plates have been included in this guide. So you have their assurance as well as ours that the Corning plates you choose will perform as needed.   Please use this Equipment Reference Guide with confidence.

If we can assist you further, or if you are a manufacturer who would like to learn more about participating in our Plate Compatibility Program, please contact Mark Rothenberg or click here to enroll.

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