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PYREX® Screw Cap Storage Bottles 

PYREX Glass Screw Cap Storage Bottles
  All PYREX® screw cap glass bottles have linerless, one-piece autoclavable polypropylene plug seal caps and drip-free pouring rings.

PYREX® reusable screw cap storage bottles are designed for storage of reagents, sterile tissue culture media and sera, biological fluids and other aqueous and nonaqueous solutions. These bottles are made from heavy duty Type 1, Class A borosilicate glass for superior chemical and thermal resistance and able to withstand repeated sterilization cycles.

Corning gives you more bottle choices:

  • Traditional PYREX® round bottles with GL45 caps
  • Space saving PYREX® square bottles that require less space (13-20%) on the shelf or in the autoclave
  • PYREX® wide mouth bottles have 5 times larger openings than standard PYREX® bottles
  • PYREXPLUS® round bottles with graduations and a tough transparent plastic vinyl coating to increase durability and help contain spills should the glass vessel break. Click here to learn more about the benefits and properties of PYREXPLUS® glassware.
  • PYREX® low actinic bottles with a light filtering red stain fused to them to protect ultraviolet-sensitive materials in the 200 to 500 nanometer range

Choose your bottle styles:

Screw Cap
Storage Bottles
Round Bottle PYREXPLUS Round Bottle Low Actinic Round Bottle Wide Mouth Round Bottle Square Bottle
Round Bottles PYREXPLUS Round Bottles Low Actinic Round Bottles Wide Mouth Round Bottles Square Bottles
Bottle Material Type 1, Class A
borosilicate glass
Type 1, Class A
borosilicate glass with PVC coating
Type 1, Class A
borosilicate glass 
Type 1, Class A
borosilicate glass 
Type 1, Class A
borosilicate glass 
Cap Color  Orange  Green  Orange   Orange   Orange 
Autoclavable (121°C, 15 psi)  Yes  Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes 
Maximum Working Temperature Bottle only  230°C  80°C  230°C   230°C   230°C 
Working Temp.*
 -70°C  10°C  -70°C  -70°C  -70°C 
 Available Sizes: Click on the appropriate catalog number below to go to the catalog for detailed product descriptions and ordering information.
 25 mL  1395-25   Not available  51395-25    Not available  Not available
 50 mL  1395-50   Not available  51395-50    Not available  Not available
 100 mL  1395-100   61626-100   51395-100    Not available  1396-100 
 250 mL  1395-250   61626-250  51395-1250  Not available  1396-250 
 500 mL  1395-500   61626-500  51395-500    1397-500   1396-500 
 1L  1395-1L    61626-1L   51395-1L  1397-1L   1396-1L  
 2L  1395-2L   61626-2L   51395-2L   1397-2L  Not available
 5L  1395-5L  Not available  51395-5L  Not available  Not available
 10L  1395-10L    61626-10L   51395-10L    Not available  Not available
Click here to see a wide range of caps and accessories for venting and aseptic liquid collection or transfer systems.  
*Bottle performance in freezers depends on both the temperature and contents in the bottle. It is strongly recommended that a trial run be performed under actual conditions to test the suitability of the bottles for frozen storage.

  Bottle Top Filter

Bottletop Filters 

Round 100mL, 250mL 500mL, 1L and 2L screw cap PYREX® and PYREXPLUS® storage bottles can be used as receivers with Corning® Bottle Top Vacuum Filters. 

Caution: Square bottles or bottles larger than 2L should never be used with bottle top filter units, or in other applications involving vacuum pressure, as implosion or breakage may occur. 

Visit the Glassware Document Library for additional safety or technical information on laboratory glassware.


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