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Storage Bottle Selection Guide

This easy selection guide will help you choose the best bottle for storing media, reagents and solutions in chemistry and life science laboratories.  

PYREX® Screw Cap Storage Bottles 
These reusable storage bottles are made from heavy duty Type 1, Class A borosilicate glass for superior chemical and thermal resistance and able to withstand repeated sterilization cycles.

Corning® and Costar® Plastic Screw Cap Storage Bottles
These polystyrene and polycarbonate storage bottles are designed for storing sterile tissue culture media and sera, buffers, biological fluids and other aqueous solutions in convenient, disposable bottles.

PYREX® Tooled Neck Carboys and Solution Bottles
These 4L to 45.5L  heavy duty glass carboys and solution bottles are autoclavable and ideal for storing large volumes of media and solutions.

PYREX® Reagent Bottles with Glass Stoppers
These PYREX® reagent storage bottles are available in 125mL to 2L capacities and are ideal for storing reagents and solutions because of their outstanding chemical durability.