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Webinar: Tips and Tricks to Help Develop and Run Microplate-based Assays
September 25, 2014
Online , Presenter: Mark Rothenberg, Ph.D.
Time: 12:00 - 1:00pm
Additional Information:

In this webinar, Dr. Mark Rothenberg will share “insider” tips and tricks for enhancing your biochemical and cell-based assay performance.
Critical parameters for achieving success with these assays include understanding the assay dynamics, the instrumentation involved in reading the assay, and, in the case of cell-based assays, the environment in which the cells are grown impacts cellular physiology. Factors such as microplate geometry, density, surfaces, and instrumentation all play important roles in the success of the assay.

Learn how to:
• Select the correct microplate and its role in the success of the assay
• Choose the correct tip for your liquid handling needs
• Determine the correct instrumentation and settings to run your assay


Mark Rothenberg graduated from Emory University with his Ph.D. in Cell and Developmental Biology. Over the past 25 years Mark has held positions in both Academia and industry where he has developed an expertise in the areas of assay development and cell culture.  Mark has been with Corning Life Sciences for six and a half years. He currently holds the position of Manager Scientific Training and Education.


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