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National Association of Scientific Materials Managers
July 27 - 31, 2014
JW Marriott Conference Room
Indianapolis, IN
2014 AACC Annual Meeting
July 29 - 31, 2014
McCormick Place , Booth: #3861
Chicago, IL
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Visit us at booth #3861 and learn about our high-quality, high-performance Stripwell™ Microplates for in vitro diagnostic assays.


Mark E. Rothenberg, Ph.D., Manager Technical Training and Education will be presenting Optimizing Stripwell-Based Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays (ELISA). The tutorial will provide guidance on theory and practice of optimizing ELISA-based applications using Corning® Stripwell™ microplate. There are a number of methods for running ELISA-based applications, ranging from the standard absorbance-based to newer methods including Time Resolved Fluorescent-based assays (TRF).  Each method requires careful optimization and an understanding of the options and choices for the various reagents required to run the assay, including the choice of microplate.  Beyond assay optimization other topics to be discussed in the tutorial include:

  • An overview of ELISA-based applications
  • Choosing the correct Stripwell surface chemistry
  • Important considerations of Liquid Handling
  • The importance of choosing the correct instrumentation and settings to run your assay.
  1. Understand the theory and practice of performing ELISA-based applications using Corning Stripwell Microplates.
  2. Understand how to develop and troubleshoot ELISA-based applications using Corning Stripwell Microplates.

ATCC & Corning Webinar: Genetic Alteration Cell Panels: Effective Tools For High Throughput In Vitro Screening
August 06, 2014
Online , Presenter - David Randle, Ph.D.
Time: 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Additional Information:

Corning and ATCC, two trusted sources for cell culture tools and cells, are pleased to invite you to this upcoming joint webinar. By the end of this webinar, you will learn the advantages of combining Corning® Epic® Technology and the ATCC Molecular Signature Cell Panels for high throughput in vitro screening of key pathways in tumor biology.

Extensive genomic sequencing efforts in recent years have provided detailed profiles of the somatic gene mutations that occur in a wide range of human cancers. In order to facilitate basic and translational cancer research, ATCC has designed and validated a number of genetic alteration cell panels targeting the key molecular pathways identified in these studies. To demonstrate suitability of the panels for high throughput screening, Corning Epic Technology, a label-free platform that uses optical biosensors for high sensitivity biochemical and cell-based assays, was used to evaluate the EGFR panel.
Label-free dynamic mass redistribution (DMR) responses in whole cells provide phenotypic activity profiles which are readily amenable to evaluation of compound activity and pharmacology. DMR responses obtained using the EGFR cell panel showed that Epic Technology can be utilized to evaluate receptor responsiveness to ligands and successfully predict drug response. Furthermore, label-free phenotypic responses can provide profiles of cellular signaling pathways downstream of receptor activation that may identify alternative targets for drug screening in the cell panel. In summary, combining Epic Technology and the EGFR genetic alternation panel offers convenient tools to screen for ligands or biologics that directly target or affect EGFR receptor biology.

Bioprocessing Summit 2014
August 18 - 22, 2014
Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel
Boston, MA
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Stop by Booth #25 and learn more about our comprehensive range of cell culture and bioprocess solutions.


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