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Bioprocessing Summit 2014
August 18 - 22, 2014
Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel
Boston, MA
Additional Information:

Stop by Booth #25 and learn more about our comprehensive range of cell culture and bioprocess solutions.

We are also proud to be exhibiting two posters at this event.

Poster 1:

Title: "Efficient expansion of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) on Corning® Enhanced Attachment microcarriers using a continuous agitation protocol."


Microcarriers are small spheres used to culture adherent cells at scales impractical using traditional two-dimensional (2D) cultureware. Although 2D culture methods are well established for the majority of cell types, protocol optimization is required for microcarrier-based cell culture. Corning developed and recently commercialized several gamma sterilized, ready to use microcarriers with different surface chemistries for different cell types. In our earlier studies we reported efficient expansion of hMSCs on Corning® Enhanced Attachment (EA) microcarriers using an intermittent agitation protocol with an initial static attachment phase. Here we report a continuous agitation protocol for hMSC expansion on EA microcarriers in 1L glass spinner flasks. The following conditions were evaluated: cell seeding density, microcarrier surface type, microcarrier concentration, agitation rate, working culture volume, and ± serum during attachment. We achieved consistent hMSC expansion across multiple cell donors to 50,000 cells per cm2 (200,000 cells/mL) with minimal microcarrier clumping (2-3 beads/clump). Higher cell densities could be attained but with larger clump sizes (>5 beads/clump). After culture on microcarriers, cells retained typical spindle-like morphology, cell surface marker expression profile, and normal karyotype. The key learnings from these optimizations are being applied to bench-top scale stirred tank bioreactors.

Poster 2: 

Title: "Parameters to Consider When Expanding Cells on Corning® Microcarriers"

Authors: Ana Maria P. Pardo and Katherine E. Strathearn, Ph.D.


Microcarriers are often used to culture larger quantities of adherent cells in a fraction of the space of traditional static culture systems. They combine the advantages of traditional flask technology with those of suspension cultures. Corning® microcarriers offer the same advantages of traditional microcarriers, but with the added benefits of being sterile, and ready-to-use without any swelling, washing, or other preparatory steps. Regardless of the microcarriers selected many parameters can impact cell attachment and expansion on microcarriers. In this poster, we will evaluate how some parameters such as choice of microcarrier, medium, serum and agitation rate can impact cell growth.

Genetics and Genomics 2014
August 20 - 21, 2014
Free Virtual Conference
Additional Information:
Join us for a FREE online conference to learn about recent advances in genetics and genomics. Interact with a global community of like-minded colleagues, engage with our booth representatives, and download relevant material from our virtual booth, without leaving the comfort of your office or home.
Webinar: A Beginner's Guide to Scaling-Up Cells
August 26, 2014
Online , Presenter - Katherine Strathearn, Ph.D.
Time: 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.
Additional Information:

Join us on August 26 for an informative, free webinar: A Beginner's Guide to Scaling-Up Cells.

Although much progress has been made in recent years, optimization of mammalian cell culture processes can still present significant challenges. In this webinar Dr. Strathearn will demonstrate how to:  

  • Stream-line scale-up of suspension and adherent mammalian cells to optimize timing and efficiency.
  • Select the correct vessel to increase throughput without increasing laboratory and incubator space.
  • Optimize conditions to maintain consistency during the scale-up process

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