Enhanced Tissue Culture Surfaces

A novel family of treatments that alter the surface charge of culture vessels, improving the attachment and growth of fastidious cell types such as primary or transfected cell lines in low or serum-free environments over traditional tissue culture treated surfaces.

Corning® CellBIND® Surface 
An advanced tissue culture treatment resulting in improved cell attachment, Corning CellBIND carries a negatively charged surface.

Corning Primaria® Surface 
Corning Primaria supports neuronal cells, primary cells, endothelial, and tumor cells which may have difficulty attaching to or differentiate poorly on traditional TC surfaces. This surface features a unique mixture of negative, positive, and nitrogen containing functional groups on the polystyrene.

Corning PureCoat TM  Amine/Carboxyl Surfaces 
Corning PureCoat amine, a positively charged surface, and carboxyl, a negatively charged surface, provides improved cell attachment, faster cell proliferation, and enhanced recovery post-thaw over standard tissue culture-treated surfaces.