Enhanced Tissue Culture Surfaces

Corning's enhanced tissue culture surfaces support a range of applications and many important cell types including primary cells, stem cells, neuronal, mesenchymal, hepatocyte, and endothelial cells.

Corning® CellBIND® Surface 
An advanced tissue culture treatment resulting in improved cell attachment, Corning CellBIND carries a negatively charged surface.

Corning Primaria® Surface 
Corning Primaria supports neuronal cells, primary cells, endothelial, and tumor cells which may have difficulty attaching to or differentiate poorly on traditional TC surfaces. This surface features a unique mixture of negative, positive, and nitrogen containing functional groups on the polystyrene.

Corning PureCoat TM  Amine/Carboxyl Surfaces 
Corning PureCoat amine, a positively charged surface, and carboxyl, a negatively charged surface, provides improved cell attachment, faster cell proliferation, and enhanced recovery post-thaw over standard tissue culture-treated surfaces.