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Corning® Assay Surfaces:
Carbo-BIND™ (Hydrazide) Modified Surface

  Carbo-BIND Surface
  Figure 1. Reaction of hydrazide with a periodate-activated glycosylated biomolecule on the Carbo-BIND™ surface allows site-directed molecular orientation. 

Corning's Carbo-BIND™ modified surfaces have hydrazide groups that covalently couple to carbohydrate (CHO) groups, and are ideal for assays requiring site-directed orientation of a particular biomolecule (oxidized antibodies, carbohydrates and glycosylated proteins) while maintaining enzymatic or immunological activity (Figure 1).

Minimal surface preparation is required: the target molecule needs to be oxidized by the addition of sodium periodate or other appropriate methods.

Carbo-BIND Surface Properties 

Applications Assays requiring site-directed orientation of the biomolecule. Useful for the retention or optimization of activity - enzymatic, immunological, etc.
# Reactive Sites 1 x 1014/cm2 
Binding Interaction  Covalent site-specific via CHO moieties
Sample Properties Oxidized antibodies, periodate activated carbohydrates or glycosylated biomolecules.
Surface/Sample Preparation The biomolecule needs to be oxidized by the addition of Na-periodate or other appropriate methods.
Diluent: pH 5-5.5
Blocking Feasibilty & Method    Medium.  Block with 2% BSA in Tris buffer
Performance Criteria  Must demonstrate specific binding: preference for periodate-activated alkaline phosphatase over non-activated alkaline phosphatase.


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