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Through acquisition and ongoing R&D investment, Corning now offers a more comprehensive range of premium, innovative laboratory products and solutions for a wide spectrum of life science applications. Our trusted, quality brands, backed by technical expertise, provide researchers with better ways to advance their research from the beginning of their process to the end.

Our Corning®, Costar®, Axygen® and Gosselin™ brands make us a global leader in consumable plastic laboratory tools for life science research. We continue to lead the way in innovation with the development and production of Corning® Epic® Technology for label-free detection, the HYPERFlask® Cell Culture Vessel for increased cell yields, novel surfaces such as Ultra-Low Attachment and the Corning® CellBIND® Surfaces for enhanced cell growth and assay performance, and our range of Axygen Maxymum Recovery® Tips and PCR products with ultra smooth surfaces.

New! Discovery Labware
In October 2012 Corning completed the acquisition of the majority of BD’s Discovery Labware business. The Discovery Labware brands, including Falcon®, BioCoat™, and Matrigel®, have been incorporated into the  Corning online catalog .

Over the coming months, we will be integrating the Discovery Labware business into Corning Life Sciences. Click here to get more information on  how to place an order  or get technical support  in your region. For further information on this acquisition, including details of the acquired brands and products, click here.

We are committed to meeting customers’ unique and changing needs with original solutions for today’s emerging life sciences technologies. Our dedication to quality, technology and innovation continues to enable us to produce the world’s most comprehensive line of drug discovery tools.

Corning Family of Brands

> About Corning Products

In addition to being a global leader in consumable plastic laboratory tools for life science research, Corning continues to lead the way in developing innovative solutions for cell culture such as the HYPERFlask Cell Culture Vessel for increased cell yields and novel surfaces such as Corning Synthemax® for culturing stem cells, Corning Osteo Assay Surface for osteogenesis research and the Corning CeIlBIND Surface for enhanced assay performance.

About Costar Products

The Costar brand of products for life sciences includes serological pipettes, cell culture microplates, Transwell® Permeable Supports, multi-channel pipettors and many more products to meet your research needs.

About Axygen Products

Through continuous new product innovation, Axygen products bring new standards to sample handling, delivery and storage, improving the way research is done in the laboratory today. Axygen products include a complete range of disposable tips from manual through to automation, as well as a range of high throughput screening microplates and PCR storage products.

About Gosselin Products

Gosselin has been a pioneering brand of disposable labware for quality control and microbiology labs in industrial markets in Europe since 1965 and is now being introduced to food and beverage and environmental testing labs across the world. Gosselin offers a full range of products from sampling to disposal and offers peelable box labels printed with lot and sterility information for easy record keeping.