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Corning® and Costar® Plastic Storage Bottle Selection Guide

  Round Polystyrene Storage Bottle
  Figure 1. Corning® Round Polystyrene bottles offer easier gripping. 
Corning’s disposable polystyrene and polycarbonate storage bottles are designed for storing sterile tissue culture media and sera, buffers, biological fluids and other aqueous solutions in convenient, disposable bottles. All plastic storage bottles offer:
  • Convenience – sterile, ready to use with no clean up after
  • 45mm diameter caps for an air tight seal and help minimize contamination and leaks

Corning gives you more bottle choices:

  • Corning® square polycarbonate bottles with polypropylene caps are break resistant and autoclavable or microwavable
  • Corning® easy grip round polystyrene bottles with polyethylene caps have a low profile for easier gripping and greater stability
  • Costar® traditional round bottles with polyethylene caps

For more information on Corning’s plastic storage bottles download the Corning® Plastic Storage Bottles Selection and Use Guide. 

Choose your bottle styles:

Corning® and Costar® Plastic Screw Cap Storage BottlesRound Polystyrene Storage BottlesEasy Grip Round Polystyrene Storage BottlesSquare Polycarbonate Storage Bottles
Costar® Round Polystyrene Storage BottlesCorning® Easy Grip Round Polystyrene Storage Botlles Corning® Square Polycarbonate Storage Bottles
Bottle Material Polystyrene Polystyrene Polycarbonate
Sterile Yes Yes No
Autoclavable (121° C, 15 psi, 20 minutes) No No Yes, once§
Maximum Working Temperature 70° 70° 130°
Minimum Working Temperature -20° -20° -80°
Cap Color Red Orange Orange
Cap Material (Maximum
 High Density
Polyethylene (121º)
 High Density
Polyethylene (121º) 
 Polypropylene (140º) 
CO2 Gas Permeability High High Medium
Shatter Resistance Medium Medium High
Use with Corning Vacuum Filters Recommended Recommended  Not recommended 
Available Sizes:Click on the appropriate catalog number below to go to the catalog for detailed product descriptions and ordering information.
 125 mL 8388     Not Available Not available
 150 mL Not available 431175   431430  
 250 mL 8390   430281   431431
 500 mL 8393   430282   431432  
 1L 8396  430518   431433  
§Autoclaving will reduce mechanical strength.
*Bottle performance in freezers depends on both the temperature and contents in the bottle. It is strongly recommended that a trial run be performed under actual conditions to test the suitability of the bottles for frozen storage.




























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