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PYREX® Tooled Neck Carboys and Solution Bottles

Corning offers 4L to 45.5L large volume, heavy duty carboys and solution bottles with rugged tooled necks in three formats:

  • PYREX® bottles without graduations
  • PYREX® bottles with durable enamel graduations
  • PYREXPLUS® bottles with graduations and a tough transparent plastic vinyl coating to increase durability and help contain spills should the glass vessel break

Choose your Bottle Style:

PYREX® Tooled Neck Carboys and Solution Bottles
PYREX Glass Solution Bottle, Plain, No Graduations PYREX Glass Carboy with Graduations PYREX Glass Carboy with PYREXPLUS Coating and Graduations
Plain, No Graduations With Graduations With PYREXPLUS® Coating and Graduations
 Bottle Material  Type 1, Class A
borosilicate glass
 Type 1, Class A
borosilicate glass
 Type 1, Class A
borosilicate glass with PVC coating
Autoclavable (121°C , 15 psi)   Yes   Yes  Yes 
Maximum Working Temperature, Bottle Only  230°C  230°C  80°C
Minimum Working Temperature  -70°C*  -70°C*  10°C*
Available Sizes: Rubber Stopper Size: Click on the appropriate catalog number below to go to the catalog for detailed product descriptions and ordering information.
 4L  8  1585-4L   Not available  Not available
 9L  8  1585-9L   Not available  Not available
 9.5L 12  1585-2X   1596-9L   61596-9L 
 13.25L 12  1585-3X   1596-12L   61596-12L 
 19L 12  1585-5   1596-19L   61596-19L 
 45.5L 12  1585-12   Not available  Not available
*Bottle performance in freezers depends on both the temperature and contents in the bottle.
It is strongly recommended that a trial run be performed under actual conditions to test the suitability of the bottles for frozen storage.
























All of these bottles are autoclavable at 121°C (250°F).
Caution: These bottles should never be used pressurized or under vacuum or heated on hot plates or over Bunsen burners. See documents below for additional safety or technical information on laboratory glassware.

PYREXPLUS® bottles and carboys are designed to resist leakage resulting from a brief chemical exposure that might occur if the vessel is broken. Prolonged and/or repeated chemical exposure of the coating to esters, aldehydes, ketones, chlorinated or aromatic solvents and concentrated acids should be avoided. Click here to see more about the benefits and properties of PYREXPLUS® glassware.

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