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Plate Compatibility Program - Participation Form

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1.) Please fill in the following information on the equipment that you would like to include
in Corning’s Plate Compatibility Program. A separate form must be filled out for each

Equipment Name:


Model No:


Category of equipment (check one only):


2.) Please check all products that are relevant to the above mentioned equipment.
Samples of the products you check will be sent to you for evaluation and certification.

    96 Well Polystyrene Clear Plates:
    96 Well Polystyrene Opaque Plates:
    384 Well Polystyrene Plates: 
    1536 Well Polystyrene Plates: 
    Crystallization Plates: 
    PCR Plates: 
    Polypropylene Plates: 
    Polypropylene Assay Blocks: 
    Polystrene Filter Plates: