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We Are Idea People

Every year, even in tough times, Corning invests at least 10 percent of its revenues in research and development.  Why?  Because we thrive on innovation.

Corning's ideas often lead to category-shifting products and by continuing to support our culture of innovation, we help ensure that our ideas turn into breakthrough technologies that can change the world and people’s lives.

For that reason, Corning has become a leading innovator in a multitude of industries– with scientists receiving hundreds of patents every year. In 2007, Corning was recognized as the #1 Patent Leader by The Patent Scorecard.

In addition, Corning has been the recipient of four National Medals of Technology, a Catalyst Award for moving women into leadership positions and a Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award.

Corning’s open decision-making culture provides employees with a global network of people who are dedicated to advancements in cutting-edge fields, working to produce breakthrough technologies and quality products that out-perform the competition.

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