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Corning continues to develop innovative new technologies and products that enrich people's lives. We developed the glass for Edison's light bulb, invented ultra-thin glass for active-matrix liquid crystal displays (AMLCD) and created low-loss optical fiber used in telecommunications systems around the world. Corning originated these and many other technological firsts.

Since Corning's establishment 160 years ago, the Company has continually offered innovative and cutting-edge technologies that improve people's lives. We are committed to continuing in our pursuit of technological innovation and expect to continue enhancing the lives of people everywhere through our operations for the next 160 years.

Corning first made inroads into the Japanese market in the mid-1960s. We started our business in Japan importing Corning products manufactured in the United States. Positive feedback and credibility among customers resulted in the establishment of our Japan-based operations comprised of three business units and a respected R&D facility, all of which are 100% owned by our U.S. parent, Corning Incorporated.

The flat panel displays (FPDs) used in notebook PCs, PDAs, video equipment, and LCD-TVs, were originally developed in Japan. Corning had a key role in the development of this industry in Japan and has since expanded our manufacturing of glass substrates by adding facilities in Korea and Taiwan. Corning Japan K.K., represents Corning's Display Technologies Division, known worldwide as the technology leader in the active matrix liquid crystal display (AMLCD) glass industry. Corning received the 2001 Advanced Display Product of the Year award for EAGLE2000 glass substrates - the first glass ever to win this high honor by Japan's FPD industry.

Asia is very important to the growth of global telecommunications. In 1970, Corning succeeded in developing low-loss optical fiber and became the first foreign corporation to supply optical fiber to the Japanese market. Corning International K.K. currently supplies optical fiber and related products to domestic carriers and telecommunications equipment producers. Corning International K.K. also imports a broad range of products developed by Corning in the United States. These imports include ceramic substrates for the automotive industry and specialized polymer products for biotechnology applications.

The Corning Technology Center is one of Corning's five major Science and Technology facilities in the world. Established in 1982 in Machida, Tokyo, and currently situated in Shizuoka, the center conducts research and development in AMLCD glass substrate technology, optical fiber, and telecommunications products, as well as conducting studies in the area of materials science.

Corning Japan Locations:

Corning Japan KK  
Akasaka Intercity 7F,
1-11-44, Akasaka, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 107-0052 Japan
phone: 81-3-5562-2260
fax: 81-3-5562-2263
Products: LCD Substrates

Corning International KK   
Akasaka Intercity 6F,
1-11-44, Akasaka, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 107-0052 Japan
phone: 81-3-3586-1051
fax: 81-3-5114-0298
Products: All other Corning products

Corning Holding Japan GK
Akasaka Intercity,
1-11-44, Akasaka, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 107-0052 Japan
phone: 81-3-5562-2605
fax: 81-3-3586-1295

Corning Technology Center  
12117, Obuchi, Kakegawa-shi,
Shizuoka 437-1397 Japan
phone: 81-537-48-5743
fax: 81-537-48-5754
Products: research and development

Advanced Optical Communications Corp. 
TIME24 Building 11F
 2-4-32 Aomi, Koto-ku,
Tokyo 135-8073, Japan
phone: 81-3-5564-5021