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Chairman's Message 

Wendell_headshot_2014At Corning Incorporated, we remain committed to the integrity that has characterized our company for more than 160 years. We remain ever-vigilant on matters that could affect our reputation -- because that reputation is essential in maintaining the “pride of association” our employees, our customers, our partners and shareholders feel toward our company.

Over recent years, we have rigorously complied with new accounting rules, governmental regulations and New York Stock Exchange requirements related to corporate governance. We were among the first corporations in the United States to file certification documents required by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, and we continue to keep up with unfolding requirements of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission concerning our internal controls and how we report about our business.

And we continue to thoroughly disclose information that could influence a shareholder’s decision to buy or sell our stock. Shareholders deserve all the information we can give them to make those decisions, so if we decide an issue is material, we disclose it. You have probably seen evidence of this commitment through the increase in our news releases over the past year or so. We are very open with Wall Street about our strategies and the state of our operations. By summarizing the contents of those meetings in news releases, we get those messages out to a wider audience.

All these actions are perfectly aligned with our strong system of Values as a company. Our Values -- Quality, Integrity, Performance, Leadership, Innovation, Independence, and The Individual -- are written in stone.

Our collective belief in these Values -- and in the behavior that goes along with them -- continue to guide all our decisions as a company. And I believe they will continue to be the foundation for all our success in the future.

Wendell P. Weeks
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President