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G2® 2-Piece Series

The G2® 2-piece series was developed in response to a need foran intelligent two-piece connector that will provide superior performance, while eliminating the common disadvantages of traditional 2-piece designs. It is the only two-piece connector on the market that gives installers a full view of the cable’s center conductor insertion into the connector-seizing mechanism. It provides a patented support sleeve located in the back nut of the connector, minimizing cable “pull back.” The Tri-Start Thread System minimizes the required back nut rotations when tightening the connector. All G2 connectors have a center conductor cutting guide and are reusable.

The G2 2-piece connector series includes:
> Pin-Type Connectors 
> Extension Connectors 
> Splice Connectors   
> Cable Terminators  
> BAFF Connectors 
> AFM Connectors  

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