EAGLE XG® Glass Substrates

Historically, creating glass for high-performance liquid crystal displays required using heavy metals. Removing those substances from the manufacturing process was a technical challenge that some thought insurmountable. But Corning believed that it could be done. With existing environmental regulations tightening, and new regulations on the horizon, our researchers anticipated the needs of customers by designing the revolutionary glass composition known as EAGLE XG®. Introduced in 2006, EAGLE XG is the industry's first LCD glass to contain no added arsenic, antimony, barium, or halides.

This award-winning glass composition offers low density, high chemical durability, advanced thermal properties, and a pristine surface ideal for the manufacture of large, high-resolution displays. By meeting all existing and impending environmental regulations, EAGLE XG helps Corning's customers future-proof their products. As a result, this revolutionary glass composition has gained rapid acceptance from panel makers around the world.

Increasingly, today’s consumers are choosing liquid crystal display (LCD) TV for more than just its crisp, vivid digital picture and sleek design – they’re also considering environmental factors, such as energy efficiency and the ability to recycle the TV at the end of its life. With EAGLE XG substrates, Corning is focused on the ecology behind the glass. 

EAGLE XG® Product Information Sheet  
EAGLE XG® Material Information Sheet