Innovations for TV

By providing substrates that are continually thinner, larger, cleaner and flatter, Corning enables the crisp, vivid high-definition images for today’s higher-resolution displays. Our innovations are preparing the way for the next generation of television.

  • With its high resolution and large-size capability, LCD is the leading technology for 3D TV. The advantages of LCD benefit 3D TV by enabling the fast response time and high brightness that create an immersive viewing experience. Learn more.
  • Corning’s proprietary fusion process is the optimal technology for producing high-quality, large-generation LCD glass substrates. The unique versatility of large Gen sizes, including Gen 10, allows for the efficient production of a wide range of panel sizes. Learn more.
  • Designed specifically for the new generation of displays, Corning® Gorilla® Glass is infused with strength at the molecular level to better withstand everyday damage. It offers superior protection while maintaining a crisp, clear viewing experience. Learn more.