Innovations for Handhelds

Corning’s innovations for handhelds enable multifunctional products with higher-resolution displays and lower power consumption. They offer portable devices an increased ability to resist and withstand damage, which promote the clarity and lifespan that consumers desire. Corning produces the thin, tough glass to support touch technologies and optimize high-performance mobile projection to be faster, brighter and more efficient.

  • Corning® Gorilla® Glass can be used as a formed handheld device cover with the capability to provide holes and slots. Its easy-to-clean, wear-resistant coatings are ideal for touch-screen devices. Learn more.
  • Ultra-slim flexible glass will enable roll-to-roll processing for low-cost manufacturing of large-area electronics. Their thermal capability supports high-resolution patterning, and their surface is optimized for many different types of coatings. Learn more.