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Shape the Future Today

“You can see the future working for Corning;
we are always on the cutting edge of new developments.”  
Bigrain – Engineering Manager, Taiwan

Corning Display Technologies is a dynamic, forward-looking business that is shaping the future.  Think about the variety of applications enabled by our products that you use every day:

  • High definition, large screen television displays

  • Light and portable monitors and personal computers of all sizes

  • Touch-screen technology used on mobile phones and other handheld devices

Our innovations keep us at the leading edge of new technologies.  Corning’s proprietary fusion process is the optimal technology for producing high-quality, large-generation LCD glass substrates used in TVs and other electronic devices.  Our chemically strengthened glass and our exceptionally thin substrates allow manufacturers to design sleek, sophisticated and high-functioning devices.  And we are investing in new products that will enhance touch technology and other display applications.

Take a look at the video below to see how Corning is shaping the future – today.

A Day Made of Glass - Made possible by Corning ...
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