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Bringing Fiber to the Home Video

Corning, the leader in fiber-optic technologies, is partnering with the best homebuilders and service providers in the country to provide the life-enhancing benefits of fiber to the home.  Allowing home buyers to take advantage of distance learning, telecommuting, video on demand and online gaming just to name a few can give your community the advantage it needs to attract today’s buyer.  In a Corning Connected Community the possibilities are endless.

Why Corning?  Corning is a diversified technology company with a proud history of developing breakthrough technologies that significantly improve people’s lives.  We have been changing the world through innovation for more than 150 years.  Our fiber-optic solutions have been used in the communications networks of the biggest and most profitable companies in the world.  Who better to bring fiber to the homes in your community?

 Program Requirements & Benefits
 Why Fiber-to-the-home?