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Corning in China

Our Vision in China

Corning has a vision of operating as a truly global, innovation-driven company with facilities in China up to the best world-class standards. As a faithful corporate citizen in China, we are dedicated to promoting the domestic economy and contributing to the development of the local industry. We believe that as a result of China' s entering the WTO, the automotive market will be more active and the industry' s growth will accelerate. In the next few years, cars will become a necessity for Chinese people rather than a status symbol as they are now. The growth in car ownership will make China the world' s most promising and important market for automotive products. Having proven success in the same segment in the U.S., Europe, and other markets, Corning is fully ready to capture the opportunities provided by this booming market.

Similar growth is expected in optical communications in China. The increase in demand for broadband access is already driving growth in the telecoms network. Growth in PC ownership in China is also creating strong opportunities for LCD products.

Our History in China

Corning’s operations in Greater China are managed through Corning China (Shanghai) Regional Headquarters, a subsidiary of Corning Incorporated (GLW - NYSE), founded in 1851, with headquarters in Corning, New York, USA.

For more than 30 years, Corning has been actively participating in China’s development, working with talent and local expertise to develop and apply breakthrough technologies that significantly improve people’s lives. Today, Corning’s investments in China align well with emerging market trends in the region. Corning is a market leader in Telecommunications, Display Technologies, Environmental Technologies, Life Sciences, and Special Materials.

Corning entered the China market in the early 1980s with TV technology and consumer products, in partnerships that enabled the age of affordable TV ownership across the region. Corning is now a worldwide leader in glass substrates for thin-film transistor liquid crystal displays (TFT-LCD), used in LCD televisions, notebook computers, flat panel desktop monitors, and portable electronic and communications devices.  Corning is growing with the developing TFT-LCD industry in China.  Commercial operations have been established in Shanghai and Beijing and in early 2008, the company opened a TFT-LCD glass substrate finishing facility in Beijing to support emerging China mainland markets. In July 2010, Corning announced it would invest in a new LCD glass substrate facility in the Beijing Digital TV Industry Park within the Beijing Economic Technological Development Area.
For more than 20 years, as China's communications infrastructure has evolved to fiber-optic networks. Corning has played a strong role and provided technologically advanced optical fiber as the foundation for a large percentage of China's nationwide telecommunications backbone.  In China, Corning optical fiber is the benchmark by which local manufacturers have publicly compared their own fibers in an attempt to demonstrate their quality. Corning has also been supplying the Chinese market with optical fiber, optical cable, hardware and equipment since 1998. Our optical fiber and cable products are manufactured locally in our facilities in Shanghai, Beijing, and Chengdu. Corning’s presence in the China market benefits our customers, suppliers, and partners.

Corning Environmental Technologies’ wholly owned emissions control substrates plant, located in Jinqiao Export Processing Zone of Pudong Shanghai, is a state-of-the-art, high-tech facility that provides products and services to Corning customers around the world. In addition to manufacturing advanced substrates, Corning (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (CSCL) also includes sales, marketing and engineering operations that provide world-class service to Corning customers. In July 2010, Corning Incorporated announced to invest approximately $125 million to expand its Corning Shanghai Company Limited automotive substrate facility.

Corning Life Sciences is a global leader in consumable glass and plastic laboratory tools for life science research, and continues to lead the way with the development and production of optical biosensors, advanced cell-culture vessels, automation-friendly microplates, and novel surfaces for drug discovery. In October 2010, Corning Incorporated announced to locate the new Life Sciences manufacturing and distribution facility in the Wujiang Economic Development Zone.

Our Businesses in China
As of today, Corning has invested more than $3 billion in the Chinese mainland and Taiwan. Business operations include:

  • Corning China Headquarters in Shanghai and its sales/services offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Taipei
  • Corning Shared Service Center Asia  -  Shanghai (wholly owned)
  • Corning Environmental Technologies' facility: Corning (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. – Shanghai (wholly owned)
  • Corning Optical Communications' facility: Corning Optical Communications (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. – Shanghai (wholly owned)
  • Corning Optical Fiber's facility: Corning (Shanghai) Fiber Optics Co., Ltd. – Shanghai (wholly owned)
  • Corning Display Technologies' facility: Corning Display Technologies (China) Co., Ltd. – Beijing (wholly owned)
  • Corning Optical Communications' facility: Beijing CCS Optical Fiber Cable Co., Ltd. – Beijing (equity venture)
  • Corning Optical Communications' facility: Chengdu CCS Optical Fiber Cable Co., Ltd. – Chengdu (equity venture)
  • Corning Environmental Technologies' facility: Corning Display Technologies Taiwan – Tainan Plant (wholly owned)
  • Corning Environmental Technologies' facility: Corning Display Technologies Taiwan – Taichung Plant (wholly owned)
  • Corning Life Sciences (Wujiang) Co., Ltd. in Wujiang (Wholly owned)

Corning employs more than 5,000 people throughout the region.