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Diversity & Innovation:
Great Things Come From The Synergies Of Our Differences

At Corning, we recognize that Diversity has been and continues to be our greatest strength. From our company’s beginnings in the shadow of Ellis Island, which is the symbol of immigration to the U.S., to our future in the brilliance of the global marketplace, diversity in resources, people, products and markets has given us a strategic advantage generation after generation. Over 40 years ago, Corning made a formal commitment to Diversity within our workforce. What began as a U.S.-centered, compliance-focused effort today has grown into a celebration of Diversity and inclusion on a global scale.

Diversity shapes the ways in which we relate, operate, and innovate; and it is key to our vision for the future.


At Corning, Diversity and inclusion are business imperatives affecting how we relate to and work with one another, our suppliers and our customers.

In concert with our corporate Values and strategic framework, Diversity and inclusion are fundamental to the way we operate within our company and in the larger world.

Successful global innovation at Corning depends on diversity of thought, experience, background and the unique traits of individuals working in a collaborative, inclusive culture.

Our Vision For The Future
As we continue our Diversity Journey, Corning looks to the future with confidence.