Our Company

Corning’s history is filled with breakthrough technologies that have played an important role in the way the world works, day-in and day-out.

Drawing on more than 160 years of invention, Corning has positioned itself as the world leader in specialty glass and ceramics, creating and manufacturing keystone components that enable high-technology systems.

We have always thrived on solving difficult, commercially relevant problems through the use of our tried and true “innovation recipe,” which provides a Corning framework for turning ideas into life-changing realities.

Corning’s culture is one that encourages its people to take chances on technology when we believe an innovative solution can be brought to commercialization. This process is achieved by managing risk, carefully balancing R&D investments, and expanding business opportunities in a wide variety of markets.

Corning’s research, development, and engineering investments support growth in existing businesses while looking for opportunities to create entirely new innovations.

Today, Corning is a global leader in five vital market segments:

  • Display Technologies – glass substrates for LCD flat panel televisions, computer monitors, laptops, and other consumer electronics
  • Environmental Technologies – ceramic substrates and filters for mobile emission control systems
  • Telecommunications – optical fiber, cable, and hardware and equipment for telephone and Internet communication networks
  • Life Sciences – optical biosensors for drug discovery
  • Specialty Materials – advanced optics and specialty glass solutions for a number of industries

We continue to rely on our deep understanding of both materials science and technologically advanced systems to collaborate with industry leaders to address the critical market needs of today and tomorrow.

And, with new technologies on the horizon, Corning continues to create keystone components to enable high-technology systems.

Through the company’s dedication to its Values, the scientific expertise of research and development professionals, the experience of seasoned commercial teams, and our quality-driven manufacturing groups, Corning continues to make possibilities real.