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Corning Fact Central

Are you interested in learning about Corning's earliest products, its most famous scientists, and how events around the world have inspired Corning innovations? The links below will give you insight into each, plus much more.


Innovation Timeline

Travel through time and learn how the world leader in specialty glass and ceramics has transformed our world.
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25 Facts About Corning

Learn about the remarkable glass purity enabled by Corning’s fusion draw process; our critical role in the U.S. space exploration program; how the company is aiding poverty-stricken regions of the world; and more.
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Glass - Shattering the Myths

Think you know glass? Allow us to refute some of the commonly held misconceptions about this dynamic material.
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Rich History

Corning is rich in history. From the journey from Brooklyn to Corning, to recent advances in Life Sciences technologies, learn more about Corning's past and present.
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Glass Class

Since 1851, Corning's scientists have had a love affair with glass. They've been fascinated with its properties, by manipulating those properties to solve real-world challenges, and by pushing the boundaries of what is possible to find new applications for this strong, and versatile material.
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