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Environmental Health  & Safety: Executive Letter

Corning’s Values are the foundation of our corporate strategy and of every aspect of our business life. We are committed to always living our Values because we believe that how we do things is as important as what we do. An important element of living our Values is protecting the health and safety of all Corning associates as well as the environment of the communities in which we operate.

Protecting safety and health, and the environment, are also central elements of operating excellence. We will accept nothing less than world class performance in these areas.

As in all areas of operating excellence, we are committed to continuous improvement. In recent years, for example, we developed and implemented enhanced contractor selection and oversight processes; a comprehensive review of the Safety Management System with specific emphasis on the contractor/construction safety sections; and the deployment of training modules for our employees who are engaged in contractor management.

Similarly, we strengthened our environmental program through the implementation of a formal environmental management system. This system provides a solid structure for meeting environmental challenges. It is a tool that ensures regulatory compliance, improves environmental performance, and increases productivity and competitive advantage.

Corning employees, managers, contractors, and customers are working together around the world to ensure that we maintain our high standards in the areas of the environment, safety, and health -- thereby ensuring a more successful work environment for everyone. Each of us has a personal stake in the safety and well-being of those around us, and in the environment in which we operate.

Wendell P. Weeks
Chief Executive Officer